Our Story


Hello Texture Beauties!

My name is Cheterie Cunningham founder of Texture by Terie LLC. I came up with Texture by Terie because at one point in life and I'm just gonna be blunt about this... I hated my hair, the texture and anything else about it! It was thin, limp, dull and dormant when it came to growth. Maybe it was the relaxers, heat, color and everything else that isn't good for hair. Of course, it was! One of the main reasons things went left with my hair and so many other woman is lack of education about hair. When you don't know how to take care of your hair it's destined to be doomed. At this point how can you embrace the hair texture you were born with? So... with lots of research, trial and error. I decided to transition to natural hair.(best decision ever!) Fast forward 8 years later I fell in love with my hair and the natural ingredients used to manage it. I became this self proclaimed hair guru amongst my family, friends, and coworkers. I advised best practices for growth, dry scalp, length retention, DIY regimens and more! They've all received results and that gave me the motivation to create my very our hair care line.

Here at Texture by Terie, we have the perfect combination of hair care products that are tailored to meet your needs. We take pride in not only seeing results in growth but having healthy hair overall. Our products are made with natural ingredients and fragrances that will make your hair thrive! Promoting growth, hydration & length retention. We want to help our customers learn about achieving healthy hair growth and embracing their texture. While incorporating our products in their hair care regimen. So many woman feel as if they’re limited to only wearing protective styles to look beautiful. We’re here to make you feel comfortable when wearing your hair and to embrace every strand of it. As we’ve all been given different unique textures. Making us ALL uniquely beautiful! “GROW YOUR HAIR & EMBRACE YOUR TEXTURE!”